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New Wave: How Google’s new software could change online communications

Google Wave, the newly introduced collaborative Web tool, is a trending topic on Twitter and (so far) available by invitation only. Here are some of the The Los Angeles Times’ suggestions on how Wave may soon be beneficial to journalism and other communications professions:

Collaborative reporting: By sharing a virtual notebook, reporters can collaborate easily on a story without tediously e-mailing ideas back and forth.

Record and archive interviews: If Google connects its Voice calling service to Wave (which is a rumored possibility), it may be possible to easily insert call recordings, voice mails and text messages into notes. Furthermore, a third-party Wave extension called Ribbit allows users to initiate conference calls inside of the program and also transcribe audio into a document.

Live editing: Sometimes documents are edited innaccurately. However, Google Wave clearly marks any updates and provides a timeline of changes.

Discuss while you read: Using Wave, readers can comment on particular paragraphs, sentences or words. This clarifies discussion and allows readers to offer instant feedback as they read.

Instant polls: It’s likely that when people adapt Wave, posting a poll could instantly begin pulling in feedback.

Reprinted from PR Tactics Online, 10/2/2009.

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