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Good Holiday Vacation Reading

There is always a big buzz at the end of the calendar year.  Everyone is trying to wrap up the end of the budget year and plan for the next.  Plus, you are trying to take some holiday time to spend with your family and loved ones.  This is true no matter what holiday you [...]

How is your Company using Social Media?

How is your company going to be using social media as an external communications tool? As we are planning and looking toward 2010, social media tools have to be part of your marketing communication mix.  These tools need to be budgeted for and integrated with your traditional tools.  It is unavoidable at this point in [...]

Hospitality Goes Social

This morning, I gave a great presentation at the Renaissance Hotel in Syracuse, NY, to the Greater Syracuse Hospitality and Tourism Association regarding social media.  I was particularly excited about this presentation because ABC Creative Group specializes in the travel and tourism industry and has worked with several clients in this industry. There are some [...]

Social Media is for Business, too

Travis and I gave a great presentation on Wednesday to the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce in Binghamton, NY.  We discussed many topics of social media and how these tools are being used by business everywhere.  Here is the presentation.  If you have any questions or would like to know more, contact ABC Creative Group. [...]

Social Media for Sales

This morning in conjunction with CNYSME and PRSA-CNY, I gave a presentation on using social media as a sales tool.  I know this presentation, as posted here, doesn’t give you all of my commentary, but if you would like to talk further or discuss any specifics with your company, please feel free to e-mail me [...]

Social Media Revolution

This is an amazing video and the reason why you should have a social media plan.

Social Media for Special Causes

Principles and best practices have been created that apply to special causes on the web. There are currently 1.4 billion people on the internet. and communicating in the social media spaces is not about what tool you are using. There are different types of tools to keep in mind though. Social media is about interaction, [...]